Mark Played Ultimate for the first time in Greece. 2 years later he was a passionate Ultimate player in Denton, Texas.

Disc-Respect is the company founded by Mark Kendall (in Heilbronn – near Massenbach) to host the Under 24 World Championships in 2019 (Heidelberg). It´s predecessor Lone Star Sports GmbH, was founded in 1998 to host the WUGC 2000 event (Heilbronn), and was disolved after the WJUC 2010 event (Heilbronn) based on the assumption that it was the last Worlds event he would organize – little did he know that he would do it again in 2019.

Marks Ultimate past – after founding the Ultimate team at North Texas State University with Mac-o during his sophomore year in 1981 and playing high level Ultimate with “Dallas Ultimate” at the US National Championships in 1984 (we lost in the semi-final against Windy City). Mark has competed at the highest levels in Europe. After winning the German National Championships in 1985 with Karlsruhe, he and Thomas S. founded and coached the Stuttgart University team “Die Sieben Schwaben” from 1988 until 1991 before moving to the small town of Massenbach where he started the very first Junior Team in Germany “The Kids” in 1991.

TSV Massenbach is now host for the group of top players from the Heilbronn area “Bad sKid” that has been Mens German Champion for eight years in a row now and is one of the top teams on the European Continent.

Named as player/coach of the Mens German National Team from 1986 to 1989, Mark lead the team to a historic 3rd place finish at the WFDF World Ultimate Championships 1986 in Colchester. He was European Champion in 1993 with the German Master Team. Soon he concentrated on organizing the German Junior scene by hosting workshops for junior coaches and school teachers in southern Germany. He helped others to get organized and provided training camps for juniors and the opportunity to play Ultimate at tournaments in local communities. These efforts continued for many years until the German „Gold Jungs“ won the Gold medal at the European Ultimate Championships 2007 in Southampton.

Gold Jungs EUC 2007

He has served as tournament director for German, European and World Ultimate Championship events, and currently serves as a active member of the European Ultimate Federation Youth Committee.

While playing lots of Ultimate, he had 3 children with his German wife Eva and had a successful career as an International Controller, Project Manager and Commercial Plant Manager working mainly in Germany. He decided in 2020 to retire from real work in Finance to take a part time job and do what he loves the most – provide opportunities for Youth to play Ultimate locally and as always with the highest Disc-Respect.

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